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Customer Service

Maesmawr Hall Hotel
Customer Service Policy

Our company, as part of its service ethic treats all complaints with the upmost seriousness and has a comprehensive customer and compliant procedure which means that Senior Management and Director level involvement will ensure a matter is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties should it need to be escalated to this point.

As such, our stages of response to a problem being reported will include:-

• Understanding of the guest complaint/incident

• Referring the matter to the Duty Manager who will try to ensure a situation is dealt with swiftly and to the guests satisfaction at the time if possible

• Documenting the complaint if a satisfactory conclusion is reached and forwarding to the General Manager

• If a satisfactory conclusion is not reached at the time the complaint will be forwarded to the General Manager who will the implement a full investigation of the complaint

• The Complaint will be responded to by the General Manager to the Complainant and a successful solution agreed.

• Should this solution not be reached the Managing Director along with the General Manager will again re-assess the situation and in all practicality offer what they consider to be a fair remedy to the situation based on their understanding of the situation and their experience of customer service.

We use the above stages to deliver our commitment to quality management and eliminate failure to meet the customer requirement. If any customer complaints are received whether verbal or written, they will be logged by our Duty Manager.

When the customer complaint is received by our Team, we will endeavour to resolve the situation immediately to the satisfaction of the customer in consultation with the Duty Manager and report the outcome to the Managing Director.

The Duty Manager will undertake an investigation to establish exactly what has occurred and if this issue relates to misunderstanding, rather than failure to perform to a satisfactory standard of courtesy and/or behaviour.

All staff members are made aware at their induction and training of our commitment to delivering high quality experiences of Maesmawr services to the total satisfaction of the client.

The General Manager or Managing Director will communicate the outcome of all investigations to the customer within 10 working days ensuring that corrective action is undertaken if an immediate solution was unable to be actioned by the Duty Manager.

The General Manager and Managing Director will examine any learning from the investigation and will implement and revise any procedure or training issues to ensure that this problem is prevented from re-occurring in accordance with the above stages. The company is committed to continuous improvement and the constant improvement of policies, processes and procedures to improve performance and provide highest levels of customer satisfaction and customer Service.